The Curious Case of the SMILE Research Collaborators

The Advertising Standards Authority Adjudication re: Alastair Gibson’s unsubstantiated claims about The Phil Parker Lightning Process in a sponsored link to his “Withinspiration” website dated June 2010.

Alastair Gibson is named by Dr. Crawley on th NHS REC form as one of the two Lightning Process practitioners involved with SMILE and Alastair Gibson announced that he was one of the two on his Withinspiration website in March 2010, the other being Phil Parker.

In her letter of 4th February 2011, which she requested be publicised, Joan Kirkbride of the National Research Ethics Service, wrote:

Mr Parker has confirmed that the complaint that was investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) did not concern him but rather an entity called “WithInspiration” with whom he has no financial, employment or other interest. It is a private business managed by a registered Lightning Process Practitioner and he had no ability to influence the day to day management or marketing of this business.”

This is plainly and indisputably untrue – Mrs. Joan Kirbride, Dr. Janet Wisely, and now Sarndrah Horsfield, Acting CEO of the National Patient Safety – all now know that the NRES has publicised information that is not only misleading but plain false, yet they have nothing whatsoever to rectify that situation by correcting this misinformation and telling the public the truth of the matter.

In a further letter of 4th March 2011, Mrs. Kirkbride wrote:

The application form which details the involvement of parties in the study is available on the University of Bristol website but I would confirm that Mr Gibson is not providing any research intervention with the children.”

It would be interesting to know at what point and for what reason it was decided that Mr. Gibson would be providing any intervention with the children, and to know what his role in the research is.

There was no acknowledgement of the lie by omission that Withinspiration belongs to Alasatir Gibson or the direct lie that Phil Parker “has no financial, employment or other interest” or “influence” in his business, and Mrs. Kirkbride wrote:

NRES does not intend to issue any further apology and the statement provided is correct that the SW 2 REC was provided with incorrect information“.

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