SMILE in BMJ June 2011

We had hoped that the GMC Case Examiners would not feel coerced or unduly influenced by the slur cast on them in article published in the BMJ on 22nd June (as well as on patients, parents and professionals raising objections to the SMILE study and Dr. Crawley’s conduct) and would  feel able to remain impartial with respect to the legitimate, factual and evidence-based complaints against Dr. Crawley in this instance.

From GMC 6th July 2011

I refer to the above matter and write further to your emails date 7 June
and 6 July 2011.

In respect of your email dated 7 June 2011, I can confirm that prior to
making their decision the Case Examiners considered all the information
you put forward and that their decision was based on this.

They have also considered your email of today’s date. There is no new
material contained within this email. The article you cite is a feature
by a freelance journalist and is not a scientific paper, it contains
anecdotal material and opinion.

In view of the fact that all the information was considered, there are
no grounds for the Case Examiners decision to be reviewed. The fact that
you do not agree with their decision is insufficient grounds for the
matter to be considered further.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Investigations Officer
Standards and Fitness to Practise Directorate

Direct Dial : 0161 923 6432
Direct Fax : 0161 923 6578

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