Letter to Dr. Crawley 17.3.2011

Dear Dr. Crawley,

Re: Lightning Process Pilot Study

I am writing to ask you to supply the names and business addresses of the practitioners who will be carrying out the Lightning Process with the children in this study. I am not alone in having assumed it was Alastair Gibson, as he was named as being involved in your study proposal.

Following the recent correction of the mistake in the minutes of the ethics committe review meeting, naming Phil Parker directly as the subject of the ASA ruling last June, instead of Alastair Gibson’s trading of The Phil Parker Lightning Process through Withinspiration, I have been assured by Joan Kirkbride that Alastair Gibson will not be involved in research interventions with the children taking part in this study. However, she was unable to tell me which Lightning Process practitioners will be  carrying out the Lightning Process with the children and asked me to refer to the research team for this

I note that several children had already been recruited for the study by the time of the ethics committee review meeting, at which you were advised to include the risks of taking part in the patient information.  Would you please confirm whether those young people and the parents of children were subsequently informed of the risks.

I would be grateful if you would also let me know whether the interventions have begun.  I am among those who remain very concerned about the ethical aspects of this study.  As the NRES is currently reviewing further concerns arising from the points made at the review meeting, and given that this is taking some considerable time, I would feel reassured to know that the interventions will be delayed until they have had time to respond.

Thank you for providing this information – I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

(Patient Advocate)

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